Ugandans Injected With Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Made Of Water


Ugandans Injected With Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Made Of Water


Key points:

  • Two medical workers arrested while another doctor involved is on the run.
  • Tests concluded that the fake vaccines were not harmful.
  • Victims paid 30SGD to 192SGD per shot

At least 800 Ugandans has been injected with fake Covid-19 vaccines. Some were injected with water. According to ABC News.

Africa is currently dealing with a surge of Covid-19 infections caused by the Delta variant.

Fake covid-19 vaccines were given over May and June during deadly surge of Covid-19 in East African nations. Record highs of 1700 cases per day at then.

Two scammers arrested. One still on the run

Scammers targeted people who were willing to pay money for the vaccines.

Two medicals workers were arrested while another one medical doctor is still on the run.

According to ABC News, Dr Naamara mentioned “… should not be alarmed as tests indicated the vials contained nothing dangerous.”

“Some had water in them,” he added.

Victims paid money to get shot

The scammers charged misinformed persons who were looking to get vaccinated between 80,000 and 500,000 Ugandan shillings (around 30SGD to 192SGD) for a fake shot.

Government designated sites gives free Covid-19 vaccines

Health Ministry of Uganda said on Wednesday they were giving Covid-19 vaccinations at government designated sites.

On June 18, President Yoweri Museveni announced suspension to public and private transport for 42 days, and imposed a strict curfew in a bid to drive the numbers down.

President Yoweri Museveni also warned that hospitals were full and are not coping well with the surge of infections.

Over ninety thousand infected, over two thousand deaths

The latest tally by the Health Ministry of Uganda on Wednesday shown that Uganda has recorded 91,162 infections, 2425 of which were fatal.